Here’s why Michael Oshinaya is the present-day brand ambassador for NYC Luxury:

Customized jewellery is trending in the world of fashion where not only celebrities but also commoners now follow the trend of wearing customized jewellery pieces in order to enhance their natural beauty. NYC luxury is one of such jewellery stores where people can get high-end custom Jewellery according to their want.

The store creates jewellery pieces like gold chains, necklaces, pendants, watches, bracelets, earrings and rings. Their ability to create the jewellery pieces exactly as the client’s expectation makes them renowned in this industry. Their wide collection of watches, pendants ad necklaces have never failed to impress their customer. They are one of the only stores in the whole market that provides exceptional quality at an amazing price range.

NYC Jewellery quotes “Putting our clients’ INTERESTS first, Michael is a strong salesman who puts product knowledge at the FOREFRONT of his arsenal of ways to extend the reach of the brand. Michael is often involved in partnering NYCLuxury With CORPORATE sponsors and business ventures that expand upon Gavriel’s vision to take the NYCLuxury brand into untapped markets worldwide. Specializing and catering to clients throughout Europe, the middle east and Africa; Michael serves as our brand ambassador.”

Michael Oshinaya also expressed the NYC Luxury brand voice. They all are extremely down to earth, sincere, sophisticated and dedicated group of jewellers who are trying their best to educate customers and offer the best customer service. This also includes the best craftsmanship at all price ranges while making sure to provide the highest level of luxury without being too obnoxious.

Being an outsider and trying to build his way into an industry dominated by a community that he was not from, and that has provided generational wealth for a small group of people off the patronage of his community was not an easy task. But Michael Oshinaya has worked hard and thereby to position himself as one of the only black faces seen in the industry yet still rising to be one of the premier names within the space is not an easy task, but he didn’t lose hope and stood for his position and respect. Working hard throughout his journey, he succeeded a lot in life.

Get to know more about NYC LUXURY by visiting their website:

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If you want to book an appointment with them or for any kind of queries, you can also Call 833-434-1993 or Email:

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