Fighting for justice with all he has got- Pierre Subeh:

Pierre Subeh is a young talented marketing expert and the CEO of X network. At just 22, he is also an author business expert and an award-winning executive producer. As the CEO of X network which is a marketing and research firm, Pierre has been serving clients like Apple, Starbucks, Pepsi, Abbott laboratories and many more. For his business expertise, he has been featured in Forbes, CNBC and the New York Post. Apart from this Pierre Subeh has been recently being on the news during April 2021. 

Pierre Subeh has been influencing people and also the US government through his campaign. During the April month of this current year, he has been leading a campaign against the US Department of States homeland security and the white house under the Biden-Harris administration for the recognition and just treatment of Arab Americans and their contributions to the development of the country. 

Pierre Subeh has been leading this campaign with his personal funds, with the help of his marketing firm. More than 250 billboards were showcased across the country. These billboards showcase the rich middle eastern culture and the request to the federal government. The request was to recognise the month of April as the National Arab American Heritage Month. As we all know that after 9/11 the Arab American community has been facing racial justice and social difficulties day after day in their communities and even celebrating middle eastern Heritage is critical. The Arab American foundation has been working on the state level for decades now but were unable to accomplish it. Pierre Subeh has dedicated his life to working for the rights of the Arab Americans for equality and justice for his Arab community who are settled there. “We’re only mentioned when Osama Bin Laden is brought up. I don’t feel motivated to gather up my family on a Sunday to sit through a four-hour award ceremony that never has any sort of mention about our culture and religion. Yet as Muslims, we make up roughly 25% of the world population”., says Pierre.

In 2021, he openly criticized The Academy Awards for not having enough Arab-American representation, which picked up the media attention of the largest magazines and publications in the world to interview him. Pierre declared, “Business is the skeleton of today’s society.” If one learns to master it, they can turn their life around. This is why Pierre has dedicated himself to educating people through a modern approach. Pierre’s journey and dedication are truly inspiring.

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