Nikolay Shkilev is here to explain why blockchain is the way to the future:

Words fail to describe the person Nikolay Shkilev is. A long-time serial entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor and analyst and blockchain enthusiast, this is just one side to Nikolay. He is also an excellent orator, mentor and a widely recognised influencer among the youth. Nikolay is the founder, CEO and co-owner of several enterprises, one of which is the ground-breaking ZELWIN. So, how does being a blockchain expert tie into his biggest venture to date? Read on to find out about all its details. 

During the year 2019, Nikolay and his team begin to develop a unique platform and in the year 2020 ZELWIN was launched. Zelwin, the marketplace of global cryptocurrency successfully combining blockchain technology and the online shopping platform. This platform helps the stores and the manufacturers to sell their products and on the other hand, the customers paying for the goods purchased conveniently. The convenient way is that when you make payment from the Zelwin platform you can pay in any currency using Visa or MasterCard or in cryptocurrency or by using ZLW tokens. But that’s not the interesting thing. It becomes more profitable not only for the manufacturer or sellers but also for the buyers. It’s the throughout of cashback system from each purchase on Zelwin platform the users receive a certain percentage of the transaction amount to their account. This reward is credited in ZLW tokens. Which can be used anytime for anything. There are many other programs in which the members can earn more and more on this platform. Nikolay and his team of ZELWIN plan to launch a P2P program for users to game and also an advertisement campaign collaborating with bloggers of the crypto space.

Everybody in the business admires Shkilev. But who are his idols? He got inspired by two well-known entrepreneurs who made it from scratch. It includes Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of Amazon, the biggest global retail site. The other person is Jack Ma, who is the co-founder of Alibaba group. Indeed, only when you are surrounded and inspired by greatness, can you find it inside you to do the same. This is why, Nikolay is so involved in influencing and helping people understand the work he does, oftentimes guiding them to their own success in the industry. 

Nikolay Shkilev truly believes that cryptocurrency and digitisation, in general, is the future of the world we are living in. And this future isn’t very far off. In fact, many people have already understood its importance, this is why Nikolay’s contribution is of great use in raising the next generation of experts. To be a part of this incredible journey, follow Nikolay Shkilev on:





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