Karyna Romanova on jumpstarting her acting career.

Real talent knows no bounds and this powerhouse of talent will soon sizzle on the silver screen and set it afire.

The entertainment industry has no dearth of talent and has given us many gems who have endeared fans with their work. Whether it is the big screen or TV, genuine talents have won over their audiences and grown in popularity. We have one such talent amongst us who with her acting prowess is going to set the screens on fire and win a million hearts with her drop dead gorgeous looks, she is Karyna Romanova.

Karyna has always been creative and has excelled in other fields as a DJ and model apart from being an actor. She has been conquering various fields and has emerged as a winner in all. In a tete-a-tete she informs us about her journey as an artist which covers multiple fields apart from acting.

When asked how her journey in the entertainment industry start she says, “Creativity was in my blood since the very beginning and I always wanted to express it through my work. I started off with modelling and joined hands with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the United States called MMG. With time I got interested in acting and to unleash my creative instincts further went ahead and became a part of MTM which is one of the most recognized acting agencies in the United States. With that I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline which will hit the floors soon.”

She also tried her hands at DJing in recent times and succeeded to a great extent in that field too. How did that happen? “During the global pandemic there was a lot of free time to explore other interests, and that’s when I channelized my energy into producing music and learning more about DJing. I initially began out of my interest for music and gradually developed a keen liking for it. I met a lot of professionals during my stint as a DJ which helped me know more about the craft.”

The entertainment industry is very competitive, and one has to work hard to land the right projects. Forming the right connections can help an artist get a proper breakthrough, informs Karyna. To know more, follow her on Instagram@miss_ramanova.

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