Australian businessman Bryce Monkivitch is becoming famous for all the right reasons:

Bryce Monkivitch is an Australian internet entrepreneur. He is also a known marketing genius and a man who loves to travel the world. He is famous for the success of his business and acknowledged as the owner of one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Australia.

He owns 4 female fashion brands, the main one being Sincere Sally (we’ll link it down below) which now brings in more than USD 1 million annually. He sells women’s fashion, sportswear, swimwear, and accessories in both the Australian market and the U.S. The store competes with brands such as Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova and Princess Polly. 

Bryce also recently built an app that hires staff from all around the world to help with marketing and business building. This system is incredibly advanced, and provides micro workers with the opportunity to make money but also learn new skills using the online learning modules. 

When we asked him what is his business and what is he doing and what made him choose the path he is currently on, Bryce said “I never got things easy. I was feeling really lost as to where my future was headed as a young adult. However, I knew I wanted to make money, I went from working over 80 hours doing concrete work to studying various accounting and business degrees (and not finishing one) to putting the last of my savings into an online store and now I am here. I always look for the bigger and the better.” 

Bryce has many ambitions and simultaneously had been looking for the freedom to travel and to ensure he has the funds to look after his family and make an impact on the world. This is why he hires staff from countries such as the Philippines so that by ensuring his own future, he can also give employment to third-world countries and help them out with their futures as well. His app currently has over 5000 staff members on it, 560 of which are currently active workers for his brands.

He has no intention of stopping here, which, of course, begs the question: Where does he see himself and his product in a couple of years? What are some of his dreams and aspirations? Bryce Monkivitch is currently continuing to consistently build and grow in his personal and business life. During the next couple of years, he will be travelling around the world meeting with e-commerce gurus and business mentors.

He has so far, made a huge difference to the lives of the people in the world – by helping thousands of Filipinos have stable work opportunities, and by also teaching them more skills to then upskill their work online and earn more money. 

If you like what you just read and want to be a part of his journey, check him out over here:

IG: @Sinceresallyboutique

Facebook: Sincere Sally 


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