Efthymios Savvidis, aka Makissv, is a beacon of hope to millions of youngsters:

Social media marketing is a skill many consider attainable, but is actually quite difficult to aquire. On the surface it may look like child’s play, yet, as social media platforms continue to become more and more of a marketing strategy, the algorithms get even more complex and creators have no choice than to call upon professionals for help. 

Here’s where Efthymios Savvidis and his business under the name of Advanced Media, comes into play. Advanced Media is a social media marketing agency which caters to people who want to create and maintain a strong image on the internet. Efthymios has a huge connection of more than 3 million friends and followers on his Instagram account, which is his main medium of operation. Like any other startup, Advanced Media didn’t have the best start and success didn’t come overnight. But with so many connections, it was only a matter of time till the teen made it big. Presently, a large part of Advanced Media’s clientele consists of celebrities, musical artists, Instagram models and other talented companies and individuals who have chosen to get a professional’s perspective to help establish their branding. Efthymios advertises them on his profile, thus helping them connect to a large audience and create a bigger online presence. 

You would be shocked to hear that the teen, who comes from Greece, is only 16 years old. Efthymios has proved that any job can indeed be child’s play if the person has a clear understanding of what the task entails and how to be the best at their job. Even more important though, is to have a passion for the work within themselves. Efthymios certainly has a strong desire within himself to prove his worth in this world and he chose the field of social media marketing to express it. The teen believes that even more important than talent is passion, because you may be able to learn the tricks of the trade but what keeps you driven is your will power and the passion you are born with. 

Another strong point which has helped Efthymios Savvidis navigate life and his business over the years has been his experiences with the outside world. Living life on the internet isn’t always the safest thing to do and many a time, especially when Efthymios was younger, he’d get into unfavorable situations. Despite these negative experiences, Efthymios hasn’t allowed himself to get discouraged and has instead learnt a lesson in how to differentiate between those who want to help him and those who want to harm. 

Efthymios started on this journey when he was only 13 and has now reached goals which many do not dare to visualise. This misconception is actually what Efthymios is trying to dispel through his work. He wishes that others would understand that there is no harm in dreaming big and trying hard to reach them. Only then can they make a difference to this world.

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