Ali Saghi: A Social Media Influencer Who Has A Lot To Offer In The Field Of Financial Education.

Seldom do we find social media influencers who are dedicated enough to invest in other fields of knowledge and specialisation other than their own specialisation field. Ali Saghi is one such individual who has exceptional qualities. 

Currently living in California, he never thought that he would be interested in something so diverse. The courses and subjects provided in the high school have never been interesting to him. This is why he always thought that the subjects like biology, history and geography are not going to help him out in the future because he is talented in something completely different. However, he would really like to have a corporate law degree along with a Masters in business management once he is done with his current goals. He makes 6 figures at the age of 16 and has more than 3,000,000 following on his TikTok account.

How did Ali Saghi manage to do that? By simply being consistent and very focused in his work.

Ali Saghi and Gavin Mayo put up the discord server Luxury Equities for multiple purposes. With the help of this account, they teach more than 50,000 people in the server about stock market trading. The biggest challenge for him was looking up stock market information online but the Internet world is not very easy to deal with because all of the details are not available in one place but are distributed all over different pages cover this is the reason why he had to constantly hustle and educate himself, telling himself that this is going to benefit him a lot in the future.

The Tiktok world of Ali Saghi is also expanding everyday. The content that he creates is unique and outstanding for a number of reasons, he does not just provide entertainment but also people have a lot to learn from his posts and videos.

Basically, this young man started his journey when he was only 13 years old and he has managed to become pretty popular overtime owing to his constant efforts everyday. Currently he is 16 and the past three years have boosted him, opening future opportunities and providing him with a world full of options. You might want to contribute to his social media family, follow him on his social media handles and get motivated! 

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