One can make unbelievable profits in stocks if the right strategies are followed says Gavin Mayo.

At just 19, he has mastered the art of stock trading and has also emerged as a successful educator. 

One can make outstanding profits out of the stock market, if the right methods are followed and who knows this better than Gavin Mayo who has spent past seven years of his life, learning about trading and has today become a successful trader and educator who has a huge number of students who have successfully completed their training and are headed to become seasonal traders.

The young man from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been trading since the age of thirteen and has excelled in the field at nineteen today. Let’s take a look back memory lane to learn more about his journey as a trader and educator. Stock trading had always impressed this young lad since the very beginning and to spruce up his knowledge on it, he started watching YouTube videos and initiated his trading journey in stocks just to have a hang of it. Things became serious later on when he started thinking about taking this up as a career. “Stocks have always drawn me towards it, but my main focus was not on it at that time as I was a highschool athlete wanting to win a scholarship to compete at a high level Division 1 school for swimming,” says Gavin. Eventually, to pursue his dreams of becoming an athlete he even enrolled himself in the University of North Carolina.

Things were hunky dory when suddenly the global pandemic hit us and everything came to a stand still which included Gavin’s dream of taking up a sports career. During the lockdown he restarted his trading practice and surprisingly found out ways to make neat profits by applying proper strategic methods. That was the start of Gavin’s trading career. Soon he mastered the art of successful trading and wanted to spread his knowledge amongst people so that the maximum of them benefit by trading instead of losing their hard earned money. Gavin says, “I started my educational endeavours on TikTok even gaining a huge follower base of 250k, but later realized that Discord had a better reach and hence shifted my educational training programs to this platform.” There are currently more than 50,000 active members who Gavin trains on stocks and also educates them about financial literacy.

Today, Gavin’s initiative ‘Luxury Equities’ has become a leading name in stock trading education and with the fast pace that its moving ahead, it’s soon to become the best in the industry, for sure.  

Follow Gavin on his Social Media mentioned below:

Tiktok: gavin_mayo

Instagram: gavin_mayo

Youtube: Gavin Mayo

Twitter: Gavin_Mayo6

Snapchat: gavin_mayo

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