Gravity Hookah Stundenglass masterpiece by the master team.

We people love to see something new and stylish while having a Hookah and all. Most talked about in recent time is Stundenglass, yes, a masterpiece for all the hookah lovers.

It is a royal piece designed for royal people out there in the market who wants to enjoy Hookah with something classy nearby. Its stunning look, 360* rotation, is something new in the market. Today many big names are using this product for their pleasure. 

Classic piece by master team:

You can say it is a masterpiece created by a team of experts. It offers smooth draws, which you rarely find in others. Many talk about temperature control well to them, it is a normal thing, and one who is using it knows how temperature is good enough. It works for Concentrates, herbs and Hookah. 

Easy to use the product:

What is good about stundenglass is that it is easy to clean, so mostly, you see this product in rich places. With ten years of warranty surely it is a product everyone must buy one time in life. Many who have used this gravity bong says it is a classic piece.

The package that Stündenglass comes packaged in twins as a carrying case with a handle is absolutely necessary for those times when you plan to travel with it. You get a hookah bowl, a glass bowl for flowers, a 3-foot silicone hose, and some stickers in the box. 

If you want to take advantage of using concentrate with it, you’ll need a 14mm male joint or a G-Pen, neither of which are included in the box.

For those out there, you don’t have to really touch Stündenglass’ mouthpiece to take draws – Stündenglass has a 45° flexible mouthpiece that allows you to take contactless draws. 

So all out there who want to have something classy, Stundenglass is something you must have at your place. 

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