Dr. Tabib & Dr. Mello of NYC Smile Design Are the World’s Most Experienced TMJ Specialists, Providing Easy Life-Long Treatment to Easily Detect TMJ Disorders….

NYCSD is a well-known cosmetic dental practice located in New York City and successfully treats all dental patients by cosmetic dentists and promises an attractive smile. Adopting a good body posture allows the jaw to sit properly, reducing pain in the face and back. Patients should also avoid habits such as handling the phone between the shoulder and ear, as they place the neck in an awkward position that may hinder or slow down the recovery process. Hot and cold compresses have a therapeutic effect on the area of ​​the affected jaw. Treatment of hot washcloth on the affected area after jaw stretch is also important for treatment.

Dr. Ramin Tabib and Dr. Alyssa Mello is one of the most experienced TMJ specialists in NYCSD, who can quickly identify and understand and interpret these symptoms. By incorporating their training and experience into neuromuscular dentistry and the latest dental treatments and techniques, they can diagnose patients and help them bring that beautiful smile back once again. Diagnosing TMJ disorder can be a challenge as most symptoms are similar to arthritis or toothache. TMJ treatments also vary depending on the actual cause of the condition. Such treatment may include orthodontics, full mouth resuscitation, neuromuscular orthodontics, or removable orthotic devices.

NYCSD with a versatile approach understands the concerns of patients on all dental issues such as TMJ and patients with TMJ which is a temporomandibular joint found on the lower part of the jaw, and connects to the temporal bone of the skull and chewing.  The joint is flexible and controlled by the attached muscles responsible for swallowing, talking and yawning. Individuals suffering from TMJ disorder experience intense pain in the area around the joints, including neck pain, headaches, difficulty in cutting and chewing, and usually a jaw condition that is difficult to move. Pain due to stress, strain, trauma, injury, or redundancy of wear and tear joints can be caused by misalignment or cutting of these joints. If left untreated, TMJ symptoms may continue indefinitely, causing changes in the joint that can negatively affect digestive function, which can lead to chronic back pain. NYC Smile Design experts advise their patients to seek therapy, especially if they have experienced one of the symptoms noted for more than two weeks. The practitioners of NYCSD are geniuses who have refined and crafted their skills in dentistry. 

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